First Timers Guide to Opera

Do you want to learn more about opera and the CCOT opera experience?

Whether you’re entirely new to opera, new to Center City Opera Theater productions, or simply want some more information, this handy little guide will give you helpful hints and tips to make your next (or first) trip to the opera easy and fun!

For a crash course, view the video below!

Your first Center City Opera Theater experience starts here!

1. First Considerations

  • Who should go to the opera?
  • What is opera anyway?
  • Which opera should I see if it's my first time?

(Or skip to any of the following sections:)

2. Preparation

  • What’s a libretto, a maestro, an overture?
  • Aren’t all operas in a foreign language? How will I understand what’s happening?
  • Do I have to get dressed up?
  • Where do I buy tickets?

3. The Experience

  • Getting Here and Parking
  • Wining and Dining, Pre-concert Lectures
  • It’s Showtime! (Opera Etiquette)

4. The Final Curtain

  • Feedback/Questions?
  • Hungry for more?

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